How To Dry Flowers



Have you ever recieved a bouquet of flowers you just wish you could look at forever? Simply try drying your flowers and preserve the beauty of them for years to come.

1. Remove excess leaves and cut stems to desired length (about 6-8 inches). Remember, removing your flowers from the sunlight immediately after cutting them will preserve their color during the drying process. Arrange the flowers however you desire and tie with a rubber band.

2. Find a dark, dry area with good circulation. A basement or unused closet will work perfectly. Tie the end of your flower's stems to a hanger using dental floss. Hang up to two large bouquets from the hanger. Once secure, leave the flowers upside down to dry. After two to three weeks, check to see if the flowers are dry. If so, remove them carefully from the hanger.

3. Spray the flowers with hairspray to give them extra protection. Put the flowers wherever you'd like. Arrange them in a vase, remove the petals and make potpourri, or use them in a crafts-related project to make a thoughtful gift for someone else. Dried flowers don't like sunlight or extreme heat, so try to find homes for them in more shaded areas.

Good Luck!



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