Personalize Your Gift Even More with a Unique Video Message!

Sending flowers is a very personal gift-giving experience. Not only is the floral arrangement designed by hand by an actual florist, but it's then hand-delivered to the recipient to surprise and delight them right to their front door, office, hospital room, or anywhere. There are few better ways to receive a gift! has made that experience even more personal. Now you can record a video message with a webcam to accompany your flowers! When you can’t be there to say “Happy birthday”, “Thank you”, or “I love you” in person, you can deliver your message through video. Imagine their delight when they receive their flowers, then log on to their computer to find you greeting them!

Video message on

Here’s how it works:

1.       Select your gift on

Place your flowers or gift basket in your cart and proceed to checkout.

2.       Complete your order.

Next to the “Personal Message” box, click the “Record a Video Greeting” button.

3.       Create your video.

When prompted, record your personalized message. We’ll include a link to your video with your flowers!




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